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HyCator® DOB Reactor System

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A high technology solution for the bioreactor problems

The activity of biomass plays an important role in digestion of biodegradable material in bioreactor.  HyCator® DOB reactor system can maintain that activity by disintegrating the biomass using cavitation technology.

Key benefits of the HyCator® DOB Reactor System are:

1.Physical Benefits
  • Less footprint. Can be retrofitted without doing any significant modification
  • Can be used with any existing ETP and STP
2.Chemical Benefits
  • Online uniform mixing
  • Reduced dosage of chemicals due to uniform mixing
3.Mechanical Benefits
  • Precision engineered
  • Can be designed for all sizes and flow
4.Economic Benefits
  • 100 percent depreciation can be claimed in the very first year itself
5.Overall Benefits
  • Increases efficiency of anaerobic/aerobic bio reactions by 30 %
  • Equipment totally maintenance free and needs no operational supervision
  • Standalone unit, simple installation

Working Principles of  HyCator® DOB Reactor System

The precision engineered  HyCator® DOB system consists of a reactor where the recycle biomass is subjected to controlled magnitude, random and targeted pressure variations so as to generate precise gas, gas-vapor and vapour filled cavities. The cavities are allowed to grow to a desired size and then are collapsed or made to oscillate under highly controlled conditions. The collapsing cavities generate spherically diverging shock-waves (symmetric collapse) or surface normal liquid jets (asymmetric collapse) of magnitude high enough to separate the colonies and to break the hard shell of these colonies.


The HyCator® DOB reactor system can be easily installed in the existing pipeline network without any significant modifications and can be done by in house service/maintenance personnel.


The HyCator® DOB reactor system requires minimum / zero operational supervision and maintenance, freeing the personnel for other productive work.

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