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HyCator® BFP Reactor System

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A high technology solution for cooling tower water treatment

Cooling water systems are an integral part of process operations in many industries. Biofouling has been recognized as an important contributor to impaired heat transfer causing decrease in thermal efficiency and increased power consumption. When left uncontrolled, biofouling can lead to unscheduled maintenance and turnarounds, production bottlenecks due to corrosion leading to and significant capital expenses. Further, without effective processes and treatment to control microbiological growth, businesses could expose their employees and community to potential health risks.
HyCator® BFP reactor system meets the need for the treatment of the industrial cooling waters to prevent biofouling on the various heat transfer equipments. The system can be easily coupled in any cooling water circuit. This environmentally safe solution for the prevention of biofouling is based on our own patent-pending technology.

Key benefits of the HyCator® BFP reactor are:

  • It prevents the formation of bio-film rather than treating it after damage and continue to treat it.
  • Environmentally Safe – No / minimum chemicals added or unwanted residuals created by the process.
  • Low operating cost – No external energy source is required. The part of fluid energy generated by the cooling water pump is utilized.
  • Simple installation: standalone unit, can be installed in the existing cooling water circuits with minimum additional investments.
  • Simple operation with minimum maintenance.
  • It’s a standalone system and can be adapted as per the microbe load & characteristics.
  • Significant reduction in water consumption.

Working Principles of HyCator® BFP

Water from the cooling tower water sump is pumped through the precision engineered HyCator® BFP reactor system before it is sent to the process. A part is recycled back to the cooling tower water sump. The treatment targets the root cause of biofouling and ensures that the micro-organisms (bacteria, algae and fungi) are eliminated if already present and are prevented from growing so as to avoid the formation of bio-film on the heat transfer surface.
The high technology treatment system is robust and well prepared for the hardy and resistance of the micro organisms present in the cooling waters. This would not require any additional skills of service and the maintenance be carried out by semi-skilled labours.
The precision engineered HyCator® BFP system consist of a reactor where the cooling water is subjected to a controlled magnitude, random and targeted pressure variation so as to generate precise gas, gas-vapour and vapour filled cavities. The cavities are allowed to grow in size depending on the microbial size and then are collapsed or made to oscillate under highly controlled conditions. Collapse and oscillation of the cavities creates high magnitude pressure pulses of about 100 to 1000 bars and intense localized microsecond duration hot spots of more than 10000°C which are sufficient to tear off, rupture and kill the microorganism.


The HyCator® BFP reactor system can be easily installed in the cooling tower water circuit without any significant modifications and can be done by in house service and maintenance personnel.


The HyCator® BFP reactor system requires minimum / zero operational supervision and maintenance freeing the personnel for other productive work.

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