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  • What will be delivery period of HyCator® BFP reactor system?

    The delivery period of the HyCator® will be 6 – 8 weeks after the receipt of Purchase order.

  • If needed how can we separate the HyCator® from the main line?

    A bypass valve will be provided in HyCator® Reactor System and can be completely bypassed from the existing cooling water circuit whenever required.

  • What will be the weight of HyCator® BFP reactor system?

    Based on the pipe size the typical weight of HyCator® will be ~100 kgs to 400 kgs. However the actual weight and size of HyCator® BFP reactor system may very depending upon pipe size, sump volume, capacity of cooling tower and blow down frequency.

  • What is the space requirement for HyCator® BFP Reactor System?

    HyCator® BFP Reactor System has minimum footprint. Typical dimensions of HyCator® are 8 pipe diameters (l) x 3 pipe diameters (w) x 2 pipe diameters (h).


  • What about the pay back period?

    For most of our clients till date the pay back period was in range of 1-2 yrs.

  • Is this technology cost effective?

    Yes it is, because it saves power, water and chemicals. The process is generally 20% - 40% less costly than conventional chemical treatment.

  • What additional hardware or manpower is required for installation?

    No additional hardware is required. For installation client needs to arrange only fitter & welder. Tuning of the HyCator® Reactor System is very well documented in the installation guide provided with HyCator® Reactor System.

  • Does HyCator® BFP Reactor System require any external energy supply?

    No external energy source is required as part of the existing pump energy will be utilized.

Saving, Operation & Installation

  • Can you provide some references?

    We have supplied our HyCator® BFP Reactor Systems to Atul Ltd (Valsad), Godrej (Vikhroli) & Tata groups (Rallis-Lote and Taj Hotel-Coloba). These HyCator® reactors are custom designed for each site.

  • What is procedure to monitor / evaluate performance of HyCator® BFP Reactor System?

    The performance can be monitored by analyzing (pH, CFU, TDS, total hardness and total alkalinity) of the cooling tower water.

  • What will be the operational cost of HyCator® BFP reactor system?

    The exact operational cost of HyCator® BFP can be estimated only after receiving cooling tower details as per our standard questionnaire.

  • What can be done in case if the existing pump in the cooling tower has less then required pressure drop allowance (0.3-0.5 kg/cm2)?

    We provide a standalone HyCator® BFP reactor system with pump which can be installed in the sump.

  • Is this technology cost effective?

    Yes it is, because it saves power, water and chemicals. The process is generally 20% - 40% less costly than conventional chemical treatment.

Environmental & Safety issues

  • What are the safety issues to be adopted during its course of operation and handling?

    HyCator® BFP Reactor System is a mechanical device having no moving parts and hence there is no critical safety measures that needs to be followed. However some of the general safety measures are as follows:

    1. The weight of HyCator® BFP Reactor System will be ~100 kgs - 400 kgs. so use of appropriate chain pulley blocks or other lifting equipment is recommended during its installation.
    2. Give the proper support to equipment and the adjoining piping. HyCator® BFP Reactor System can be installed in any orientation.
    3. While in operation HyCator® BFP Reactor system does NOT generate pressure or temperature higher than the inlet water pressure and temperature. High pressure safety precaution needs to be taken as per your policy.
    4. Install and Operate the equipment as per given instructions given in installation procedure.
  • Is HyCator® environmentally safe?

    Yes it is, because it reduces the requirement of chemical for given capacity of cooling tower.

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