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Ships uses ballast water to obtain stability, trim and structural integrity. Ships ballast water contain thousand of marine species includes bacteria & other microbes, small invertebrates and the eggs, cysts and larvae of various species. However, ballast water often originates from ports and other coastal regions rich in plankton and other marine organisms. Discharging ballast water originating in one marine environment into another can introduce undesired organisms into a marine ecosystem, threatening its ecological balance and acting as a medium for the spread of epidemic diseases. Therefore it is a challenge to design most cost effective environmentally safe BWT system that will radically reduce the risk related to invasive marine species and enables ships to travel with minimal or no damage to marine and human life and will also not compromise the ships safety and life.

Solution using HyCator® reactor system:

We generally suggest HyCator® reactor systems for ballast water treatment in the following manners

Sea water is pumped through the precision engineered HyCator®  BWT reactor system before it is taken in the ballast water tank or discharged to the ocean. The reactor ensures that the invasive marine species are eliminated so as to meet the IMO guide lines for the discharge of the ballast water.

The precision engineered HyCator® BWT system consists of a reactor where the ballast water is subjected to controlled magnitude, random and targeted pressure variations so as to generate precise gas, gas-vapor and vapour filled cavities. The cavities are allowed to grow to a desired size and then made to oscillate or collapsed under highly controlled conditions. The collapsing cavities generate spherically diverging shock-waves (symmetric collapse) or surface normal liquid jets (asymmetric collapse) of magnitude high enough to either explode, implode or shear and shatter the invasive marine organisms (by shock wave) or cut open (liquid jets) the same rendering them nonviable.

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