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HyCator® Reactor Buying Process

Home Buying Procedure
Name HyCator® Reactor System
Meant for Online Mixing Molecular Breakdown Particle Breakdown of Agglomerates & Particles to nano scale Disintegration of Biomass Biofouling Prevention BioGas Generation Ballast Water Treatment
Media Any fluid / slurries / gases Fluids / slurries Fluids / slurries Microorganisms in aquous media Water / sea water Biomass Sea water
Uses Process applications, Effluent treatment, Emulsification Process application, Effluent treatment Process applications Process applications, Effluent treatment Cooling towers Enhancing BioGas yield Ship ballast
Main Advantages Perfect mixing with no need for agitators & separate tanks, Energy efficient Reduces chemicals needed, speeds up processing time Can treat high volumes, Cost effective, Speeds up processing time Speeds up processing time Extremely cost effective, Maintenance free Can treat high volumes, Cost effective, Speeds up processing Maintenance free, Low footprint
Time to respond Buying procedure Product under development
One day upon your request would send a detailed questionnaire
On receipt of filled up questionnaire
Within two days of receiving fully filled questionnaire Request for pilot trials at our lab Would give a quote
Within ten days of receiving the advance Proforma invoice sent for pilot trials
On receipt of advance for pilot trials
Pilot trials
Share results and give quote for full scale equipment
Purchase order with advance received
Within one and half months of the advance received with the purchase order HyCator® fabricated and delivered. All HyCator® Reactors are custom designed and fabricated. These are not "off the shelf" products

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